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There are a few things that will always frustrate me while i am a call girl. The first one is my period, i hate the fucking thing. Every month when it comes i have to go spend a shit load of money on tampons, and special vagina cups(so i can work while im on my flow) I always ruin a nice pair of panties, and sometimes i can’t work while i’m on my flow, due to cramping or a heavy period.

The second thing that frustrates me is Getting a yeast infection, uti, bladder infection, or kidney infection… JUST GETTING SICK IN GENERAL. It fucking sucks.. you absolutly can not work while you are sick, or have any of the said illness’s above.

The third thing that drives me bonkers is when the clients get nosey. I don’t want them to know anything about my persona life, so i’m constantly making up little lies that i tell them. But every now and then ill get a guy who asks me what my tattoos are for, and why i got them, and they just keep trying to pry into who i am as a person.

December is frustrating because everyone is spending time with their families as opposed to spending money on call girls.

S.T.D.’s. they are scary, and i’m constantly worried that i am going to catch one. Which reminds me, it’s time to make an apt with my GYNO.

Well, i haven’t been able to work since a week ago, i got a dreaded bladder infection. But i’m excited to return to work tomorrow, i should have a few gentlemen calling for me this week.. considering i havent been able to work, and some of my clients are very dedicated to me. :) Life has been pretty damn boring, and i have blown entirely way to much money on my friends and family, buying christmas presents and what not. But i’m very excited to give them to them!! I think i did a good job this year!! And i actually wrapped them, as opposed to my typical pay someone to do an easy job for me routine. hahahahahaa. ahhh the luxuries of making nice money. Well i’m out of words to write for now.



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Just another day

Well, earlier today i had a client cancel an hour and a half appointment, at 9 am. So i started the day off a little discouraged. :( On top of my first client of the day canceling on me, i also had the worst sleep of my life last night. But as the day went on it got better. I ended up doing one 2 hour call today, and made 300 dollars. It was easy work, and my client got me off, twice. He also gave me a charming little Yankee Candle candle, toffee i believe was the name of the scent :) and he tipped me 60 dollars, not that much.. but it will buy me an 8th of kronic weed! So that is nice. Over all he was an interesting client, i would say about 45-50 years of age. His dick was crooked, haha. Sometimes i find the appointments longer then an hour to be a little hard. I would have to say my favorite clients are the ones who get me for an hour and a half or less.

well i’m out of words for the night, but ill write again soon.



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New Agency! and other random tidbits.

Well i had to make the sad decision to leave my former Escort agency, for a new one. I did it in hope of making more money, closer to home. See with my previous agency, i had to travel in order to make good money. Which isn’t all bad, But i don’t drive, so it’s hard for me to travel. And just for those who are pondering, no I have never had my license ever issued to me, or taken away. I simply have not had the desire to Drive. 

Well with my new agency, i think that i will be one of the much better looking girls. With my new agency I will be making 300$ an hour, plus tips. But i also have to pay my agency for screening my clients, driving me and advertising me. So in total i will be making about 255$ an hour, plus frequent tips of 100$ or more. :) And often 1,000$ tips. 


Well My clients are usually in their mid 40’s. but can range from ages 30-as old as you can get it up ;) Every single one of my clients has a career, 98% of my clients, have wifes, and about 95% of my clients, have kids. I do not allow drugs, or any “party favors” of any kind while working, EVER. * I personally am quite the weed toker, and i partake in the dosing of acid, rather frequently. I have found, it allows me to explore the Lowest levels of sub-conscious that exist within me. I am not much of an alcohol drinker, but i was at one point in life. (thats another story, for another time.) * I do not ever give out my personal phone number, or information either… i think ill make a list.


1. Any drugs of any kind.

2. You should never give out any personal information of yourself ever. This includes Real names, Meanings of tattoos, high schools you attended, neighboorhoods you live/ed in, ECT. You can tell them things like i want to be a Geologist, or my favorite color is purple, ECT. It is important however to PRESCREEN EVERY client. This includes background check, Job referencing, and the first time you meet them, to view their DRIVERS LICENSE. to make sure you have the correct brod. :)

3. burping, farting, queefing (if possible), nail biting, lip biting, fidigeting. Basically MIND YOUR MANNERS, to a perfect T.

4. UNPROTECTED SEX. THE BIGGEST NO NO OF THEM ALL. Any transfer of ANY bodily fluid could result in an STD. Which is a health pandemic!!!!!!!!!! NO BLOW JOBS, NO ANAL, NO HAND JOBS, NO VAGINAL, NOTHING. understand?? If you still don’t understand my reasoning, pull up google and search SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES. 

5. No strong super girly perfumes, body sprays, of any sort. You can wear i light body spray. I recommended pumpkin and vanilla. Mens 2 favorite scents. Lavendar is also nice. But go Easy with it, remember these Clients have wives and children.

6. No heavy make up such as Thick foundation, dark lipstick (if you wear a lipstick, wear a lip stain.), no heavy eye make up, no heavy blush. Remember the audience you want to target Does not like the typical slut, he likes a classy one ;) haha 

And im sure ill think of more later, that i will add. :)

Ok now that i have covered all of that, I’ll get back to the fun stuff.

Now what most people don’t understand is that i love my job!! I meet all kinds of interesting people, who are very kind, and think so highly of me!! I honestly only spend about 25 minutes (at the most) per hour working, actually having sex with the clients. Alot of these guys are fast comers. They really like to sit and talk and just be with a beautiful girl. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some freaks!! haha but thats another story for another time.

Ahhhhhh my fingers ARE SO TIRED!!



(that’s my new name)

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Stupid fucking family weeks.

I hate family holidays, first of all because they make me miss my mom even more then usual, second of all because my family is a bunch of fucking lunatics, and third of all because i can’t make any damn money. 

 I have never been much of one for holidays, because it’s like a day that is supposed to be happy, and i hate days where i’m supposed to be happy, it makes me feel like happiness is an obligation. And i really don’t make any money what so ever! I just learned this lesson the hard way actually, i wasn’t aware of this rule, and it didn’t even come to mind, until i realized i only have a mear 60 some odd dollars to my name this week. I guess that in making all this money sometimes it’s hard to imagine not having any!! 

well im off to sleep, not any time left on the pute.



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